Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bandages Away

Saturday and it's shower time. This is not to say that I wait until every Saturday to shower but the surgeon says the bandage can come off today and I can shower. I'm ready.

It's chilly this morning so I'll grab a pair of jeans and a sweater. I want to do a little shopping.

I also want an omelet with yellow squash. Lately nothing sounds better then some scrambled eggs with sauteed yellow squash and a slice of toast.

That's exactly where I am headed now. To the kitchen to get some breakfast.
I have slept most of the day. After breakfast I felt nauseated and sleepy. I didn't fight it. I think it's this cold I have been struggling with for the past week. My lungs are congested   and I'm sure that is causing my oxygen levels to be low which in turn causes the sleepiness.

April is having a crawfish boil. I thought about driving down to her house for some corn on the cob and potatoes boiled with the crawfish. That's usually what I eat from the crawfish boils but I haven't managed to even get dressed so I think I'll just pass on the food.

The husband is grilling and soon a steak will be available along with a baked potato, a favorite meal of mine.

I'm headed to the patio to hang out with the husband while he grills that steak.

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