Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Tuesday and On the Road Again

His cell phone rang and from the ring tone set I knew it was the coordinator calling. This usually initiates a road trip and today was no exception. Apparently whoever was lined up for this job can't get out of Denver due to all the snow. This leaves the husband as the only answer for this part of the country. He is off to College Station for a few days.

This is the first time he has left town since Feb.7th. He hesitated on going but I assured him I would be fine. Carrie is going to spend the night with me and I'll be thankful for her company. I'm much more stable emotionally then I was even a week ago.
Poor Carrie. She had a sinus headache so she swallowed a couple of ibuprofens and is now napping on the other sofa. I hate to wake her. She has a little homework to do and I might just let her sleep and she can get up a little early tomorrow morining to get it done.

I have a thing about not waking people. I feel if they are sleeping it is because they need the sleep unless it's the daughter. She sleeps all the time whether she needs it or not.
I'm going to strech out on the sofa opposite Carrie and if I fall asleep, I'll be close by should she wake.
Time out...and I'm gone.

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