Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday, a King Size Bed and The Hobbit

The husband had to go to a safety class toay and will be gone all day. The daughter arrived to help me clear up a closet or two and help rearrange all the stuff my husband thought he would be helpful  by putting things away for me. Translated, he just opened the closet door and pitched everything willy nilly onto the rods. I like to color arrange my clothes, and there is certain things that go in the drawers and not on hangers. I appreciate him wanting to be helpful during my time of illness but when you have to keep wearing the same things over and over, it's time to get organized.

We ordered a pizza and popped the movie into the DVD player in the master bedroom, propped up pillows along the headboard and settled in for a long movie. I'm so lost watching this so I just concentrated on the scenery. It would have helped if I would not have kept dozing off.

Clinical update. The parotid glands still spasm when I eat or drink anything. Sometimes my stomach feels queasy but that might be because I need to put some food in it. Done.

Carrie and April are now here and we are going to pick up my car after we drop Carrie off for a play time with a friend.

It's just a lazy day here.

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