Monday, April 22, 2013

Monday and April is slipping by so fast

What a beautiful morning. The husband and I are sitting on the patio. The sun is scattering rays over the back yard. The cypress trees are beginning to feather their branches with their delicate greenery. Cypress trees don't have leafs. Their foliage is more like a  fern, soft and wispy looking. These trees line the back fence and are on the neighbor's property. We get the "knees' in our yard though. Mowing over them before they get huge keeps them at ground level.

The bird bath sits beneath the River Birch and to the side of the Indian Hawthorne bush in a corner of the yard. A big blue bird sits on the edge and dips it's head a few times for a drink then flies away. Two squirrels chase each other through the Cypress Trees, one stops and pats the other one, strokes his back and then they both leap to another limb to continue their play.

The temperatures should climb to 80 degrees today. The summer is on it's way. It will be mandatory to get an early start on the day by getting to the patio early before the temperatures climb. I will be hiding beneath the air conditioning when it gets hot. By August I will be wishing I were in the mountains of Colorado.

It's before noon and I'm out of the sweat pants and T shirt. I've showered and dressed in a pair of denim Capri's and a bright red geometric patterned shirt. The top has been lowered on the roadster and I made a trip to April's house. She had taken my advice and got an early start on her yard work. The lawn was neatly mowed. I visited with Bugsy for a while. I want to take her pen down to her so she can get some exercise.

As usual, I could go back to bed and to sleep. I don't know if it's all the meds they use to put me under for surgery that still lingers or if it's this awful cold that has me needing so much sleep. I plan on staying on the patio and staying awake as long as possible today. I may start a walking program and do a few blocks every morning to build up some stamina.

It's almost noon now and soon it will be time to visit the doctor. I'm ready to go.
I'll continue this later today.


  1. love ya sweetie let me know when you're back home


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