Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Clinical Observation on a Thursday

The Ambien kept me asleep until 0230 hrs and I had to get out of bed and head for the sofa. I was too restless to stay in bed and I knew I wouldn't be going back to sleep immediately.  As my usual routine, it was on the sofa with the television switched on and all the lights out. I must have dozed on and off a little. Around 0500 I thought I would fry a potato and scramble an egg over it.

I slipped the leather gloves over my hands and opened the refrigerator door standing well to the side to avoid the cold air. Tearing open a side of the plastic bag to get to a potato was going to defeat me. I kept tugging at the bag but since I had the leather gloves on, my nails weren't available to rip the bag. Finally, a potato was in my grip.

I carried it to the counter and took off my gloves so I could peel it and immediately dropped it when the tingles started shooting through my fingers from the chill. I switched on the water faucet and waited until the water got warm and then held the potato under the running warm water. Now I could peel it and get it into a skillet. All this for some eggs and potatoes?

I eventually had eggs and potatoes and a slice of bread with some room temperature milk that was passed through the microwave to take the chill off of it. It wasn't until a few minutes later that I realized my mistake. The cooking food had left odors in the air and I was getting nauseated. A little air freshener sprayed around killed the food odors.

Lunch today is a room temperature orange.

I slept for a while after my meal and then dressed and went to the clinic to talk to the nurse about my medications.

The insurance company doesn't want to pay for the chemo tablets. The cost is 5000.00 a month. She refilled my medicine case with samples and said they would work on a way to get the costs reduced. I'll take that.

Right now I'm working on trying to keep the medicines down. I feel queasy and I think that is from the infusion chemo that was done on Tuesday. Zofran and Reglan are still being taken for the three days post infusion. Tomorrow will be the last day for these until the next infusion. I'm hoping the stomach settles down then.

Cool foods might be on my diet for a while. No odors.

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