Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday and Almost Pain Free

My lolly gaggin days appear to be drawing to an end. Just today the husband said  "You need to be up and moving more..taking walks around the yard. A little exercise would do you good." The next thing you know, he'll be asking "what's for dinner?"

So I showered and put on some clothes, eyeliner and lipstick. Maybe if I look healthy, he will let me lolly gag a while longer.
I seem to be sleepy a lot and I'm thinking it's the antidepressant the doctor put me on. Today will be my last day of taking it. I'm not depressed. I was in shock stoked by fear but that's not the same as depression.
 We are back to watching the Arias trial. The prosecutor is back on the floor questioning the expert witness for the defense. When WILL this trial end? I suppose the attention and expense for this trial goes to the fact that this is a death penalty trial.

Clinically, the soreness is almost totally gone. I feel almost prehospital visit perfect. The colon appears to be in working order without any medical intervention to help things along.

I might have a doctors' visit scheduled this week. I'll check that out in my mound of paperwork in a few minutes.

Right now I'm shutting down to watch the trial for a while.

(just popped back in to correct the spelling of "trial"....and I thought I proofed this before posting!)

and back once again. Just spoke with April. She is on her way to the store and will stop in with Carrie for a little visit.
Broasted chicken breast, brussel spouts, cottage cheese with peach slices and a slice of buttered bread was dinner.
The husband presents a nice plate. It is always colorful and artfully arranged. He should have been a chef.

I'm very appreciative of the effort and the time he takes to make my meal enjoyable.

I think I'm done now. I'm signing off and I just hope no typos appear.


  1. Gosh, I love a man who cooks. Mine should have been a chef too. He can make make dinner out of nothing and make it taste fabulous. If you can only eat tablespoons, you are probably getting skinny. That's hard way to diet though, so I think I'll stick to counting calories. So did they do the MOSE surgery and find that there are no more cancer cells and you won't have to wear a bag?

  2. Just catching up with your posts over the last few days and it looks like it's all going well Charlotte. I'm pleased to hear that you are almost pain free.

    Oh I need to catch up with the Arias trial too. I think I may skip some of it because it's dragging on for so long it's like watching paint dry.


  3. The surgeon cut sigmoidectomy and took out 7 inches of colon...I THINK. I will go over that when I see him again. they just cut out the bad and reconnecte the ends. The PET and CT showed no metz but they took out lymph nodes closest to the node for insurance. They say that I'm fixable...but I don't know if I beieve everythig they tell me.
    I'll do a mediport placement and start chemo when I heal from this...then another surgery..the mastectomy....radiation and then reconstrutive surgery. I only eat tablespoons because I get full so quickly. I have a long way to go before anyone can describe me as "skinny"....down 21 lbs though.


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