Saturday, April 13, 2013

Planting my HIsbiscus

It's 1006 hrs. The husband just made it down the hallway and into the kitchen for his first cup of coffee. He slept in this morning. For the past week he has had to be up and on the rig by 0400 hrs. It was time for him to have a rest break. He will spend part of the day reading his clothes and his truck for the next job.

I want to make a trip to a garden center to pick up a nice large pot for the hibiscus that was gifted to me by Louise yesterday. I love anything yellow in a garden so I chose that color for my gifted plant.

I've had my daily phone conversations with family from afar. No disasters and little drama reported and that's the best one can hope for. Here's a little wish that their days remain pleasant and joyful.

It looks as though it is going to be a wonderful day, perfect in temperature for us to be outside together. I might even clean my car's interior. It sorely needs it.
I'm off to get dressed. We are getting a late start as it is...
Have a good and all.

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