Sunday, April 14, 2013

Picture Day, Picture Day

The photographer arrived around 1800 hrs. There was plenty of daylight left. Part of the group was dressed in yellow and white, some were in purple and black.

A scenic spot was selected and the session began. One of the first groupings were just the daughter and I. As we stood hip to hip, and arms encircling waists to the back, we both suddenly teared up at the same time. I knew what she was thinking and why there was such an urgency for some family pictures. We didn't discuss this prior to the shoot but I knew she was thinking of what the future might hold.

We had to wait for the tears to clear; the photographer didn't comment but waited a few beats.

Tomorrow is an appointment with the surgeon. I'm expecting them to set an appointment for a minor surgery of the mediport placement. The oncologist I will see on the 22 of this month and I'm anticipating the chemo will begin.

We all had hair today for the family pictures. Next month that might not be an option. Loosing hair is the least of my cares. The chemo might zap a lot of energy and activity from me so having a picture day today was the wisest thing to do.

I"m so ready to move forward. I can't get to the finish line by standing still.


  1. Beautiful photos Charlotte and you are all so colour coordinated! xxx

  2. Beautiful photos Charlotte...and you are all so colour coordinated! xxx


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