Sunday, April 28, 2013

April 30th....Tomorrow Another Doctor's Visit

I get queasy. That's the only way I can describe how my stomach feels. I get hungry. I  have an appetite. When food is presented, I can only tolerate a couple of bites before my stomach starts doing flips.
Last night the husband fixed tacos. I made it through one of them and then had to take a break. They were so tasty and after a few minutes I was able to eat another one. That was a big meal for me.
This morning the husband made some sausage gravy over biscuits. My mouth watered. 1/2 of a biscuit and a bit of gravy and that was enough. I finished the three days of Zofran and Reglan that was required yesterday. I can now take it PRN (as needed). I don't know if they help for nausea. My fingers still tingle when I touch something cold so I'm remaining cautious about handling food from the refrigerator. Most foods and liquids are still consumed at room temperature.
Tomorrow I see the Physician Assistant and get blood levels drawn. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the levels are good. I dread the thought of having to have platelets or blood transfused. I haven't noticed any bleeding from the gums which would indicate a low platelet count. My energy level isn't the best it could be but I don't note any shortness of breath which might indicate low red blood cells. The white count has no definitive signs that I might detect without a blood count.
Wish me luck.

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