Monday, April 15, 2013

Visiting the Surgeon

The wait was short. The doctors weren't overbooked apparently.

We sat with the P.A. for most of this visit. I got to ask the questions that had been bothering me about the tumor and if they had actually found it. It was the description of it's location from the colonoscopy done that had me worrying.

He explained that describing the exact location of a tumor in the colon was difficult as the colon was constantly contracting and expanding. To locate it, it is tattooed with india ink. When the surgeon goes in with his laproscope, he uses it to find the tattooed site. Amazing huh? Have I told you more then you wished you knew?

I'm sure most people wouldn't have required this much information but considering my background in the medical field, I am uncomfortable with too little information.

I felt much better after our conversation.

I'm scheduled for the mediport placement on Thursday. It should be a quick little procedure after which I'll be napping the rest of the day.

And that's my day. How was yours?


  1. I'm still not sure exactly what is going on with you. Can you lay it out in layman's terms for me. I know you had the colonoscopy, they found the tumor, you had a little surgery. I thought that was it.... a done deal. Now you will have chemo and more surgery? Oh girl, my thoughts are with you. Loved the family photos.

    1. I have replied to Joan in a PM (private message) to update her..basically..mammo showed up irregulary..called in for second exam. ..biopsy done..cancer confirmed. CT scan week a PET scan done and a colonoscopy to rule out IF there was more cancer in the body. Colonoscipy showed scheduled to take care of that and the other tests showed no cancer elsewhere i the body so now we will concentrate on the breast with chemo then surgery after the chemo then radiation.

  2. Back to comments again Charlotte...fed up with Blogger playing up. step on the journey done...and now the next step. It's going to be a long year isn't it? Still thinking of you every day and sending you huge hugs and lots of love xxx

  3. Yes is going to be a long step at a time..and thank you for the hugs. It's nice to know you are there and rooting for me!


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