Monday, April 29, 2013

A Touch of Normalcy

Yesterday I got astride my husband's Trek and took it for a spin. I was surprised when I asked him if I could ride his bike and that his answer was "yes". He is very picky about what he owns and he takes very good care of all his 'stuff'. That comes from growing up with very little and once you do obtain something new, you want to keep it that way.

I rode a couple of blocks and headed home. I hate the seat on his bike. My Trek has a nice comfy seat and I'm sure whoever stole it is enjoying it's comfort.

Besides staying off the sofa, I cooked a meal. Baked steak, gravy and rice, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole is one of my favorite meals. Though I couldn't eat a lot, a tablespoon of each food was acceptable. I have to eat very slowly and when the queasiness comes, I lay down my fork, shove my plate away and take some deep breaths.

I called April before serving dinner as I know this is one of her favorite meals. She and Carrie showed up to have dinner with us.

This morning I made a 0500 trip to Walmart. The aisles are empty of shoppers. The stockers are busy filling the shelves and the registers are empty. I cruised along through the store getting my exercise in while stopping to pick up a few things. Enchiladas and beans are on the menu for tonight.

I called April and told her I would be by to pick up Carrie and take her to the bus stop. Another thing I haven't done for months. After Carrie got dressed, we went outside to feed Bugsy. We refilled both of her water bottles and poured pellets in her bowl. Today April will come and get her "rabbit run" and set it up so she can get some exercise.

Another bit of normalcy. I'm dredging myself up from the pit I seem to have been in for the past few months. I'm determined to fight this lethargy. I'm due for another short bike ride this afternoon. Bit by bit, foot by foot, mile by's progress.

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