Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pouring The Rain

It's a cold and wet day. I opened the  patio door to temperatures that caused me to step back quickly into the house, slam the door and head for the thermostat. The thermostat was set on a/c. I quickly switched it over to heat status and set a temperature to combat what was going on outside.

I'll get dressed and out of the house today. I've contacted the surgeon about a refill on the Lortab.

April finally answered her phone. I asked her what she was doing. I should have known better then to ask. "Sleepin" was her answer and no..she didn't want to go to Walmart with me.

Brother Joe called last night to check on me. We talked for a while, mostly I listened but that's alright. I let him vent about all that is going on in his life. 
Sometimes that's all one needs...a safe place to vent.

 I'm off to get the meds..then I'll be back to the house and taking a nap.

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