Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Home Alone

As soon as I got Carrie off to school this morning, I returned to the house thinking I would get a few things done like dust mopping and then wet mopping the floors, dusting off some of the furniture and tidying up the kitchen.

What I really did was arrange my pillow on the sofa, get beneath my soft warm blanket and go to sleep for another 3 hours.

April called to tell me she was on her way. She Windex ed the coffee table and vacuumed the living room, visited for a while and offered to get me anything my heart desires. I mentioned the red Porsche featured in today's paper. She smiled, flipped a wave over her shoulder as she moved to the patio door and freedom.

I settled back down onto the sofa with my blanket. I'll do something soon but right now I think I'll just get another little nap.

Oh, the husband calls frequently to check on me. He warns me that the temperatures there have dropped 20 degrees since 0700 this morning and that cold front is headed this way. When the a/c unit doesn't kick on, I'll know it has arrived.

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