Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sleeping my Saturday Away OR Caution, I Write Things Down

Saturday finds me huddled up in bed, dozing on and off and in and out to television shows. I catch the beginning of one and the end of the same and miss the middle part. I have no interest in what is showing. The husband brings me sliced oranges and a short glass of prune juice.

I was lead to believe that diarrhea was going to be a side effect of this colon resect. For me that is not the case. I'll be checking this out with the surgeon on my next visit.

I'm assuming also that I will be set up for surgery to place that mediport so the chemo can commence.

I think I ran out of Lortab today so I've switched to ibuprofen. It seems to work as well as the Lortab. The abdomen remains tender on the left side where the 3inch incision site is.

The husband is rotating the tires on his truck. He should be preparing to return to his job soon.

It's a beautiful warm day here in southwest Louisiana. I feel summer in the air. I also feel myself hiding out in the air conditioning for the summer.

It is now 2024 hrs. I 'm not running a fever but I am having  chills which have  been on and off all day. The husband hangs around close  by and  checks on me often. A light dinner of a ground chuck pattie, applesauce and a couple tablespoons of spinach was exactly the meal I would have ordered given that option.

I think the antidepressant is causing me to sleep a lot today. It's just a lazy day here today and it's time for my Ambien. That means "nite all".

Oh, brother Joe called and talked for hours tonight and the brother in law called also. I think the sister married to this brother in law knows it would not be acceptable to interact with me. Our last conversation was about her not taking a stand for me about the sister that posts all the nasty things about me. I told her she was condoning her behavior by not saying to her how inappropriate her behavior is. Her response "Ray doesn't want me to say anything". How Christen is that I ask you? You observe bullying but you stay out of it to keep yourself safe from her rage? are 65 yrs old..and you listen to someone tell you that? Well...I really don't need her husband to make a call here just because the thinks that fixes their cowardly ways.  
These people bombarded their pages with Christin photos, verses from the bible and speak of  their many friends from their church. They witness cruel behavior and turn away without taking a stand against it? Trust me on are a poor excuse for a Christian and it matters not how many of those sterilized verses that are posted to you wall everyday.
This apparently makes them feel righteous and devout. How sad that their postings lead them to believe that they God is impressed. It's just words people. Empty words. They mean nothing to anyone reading them. It takes more heart and feeling then just hitting the "share" button on Facebook and  patting yourself on the back for being such a good Christen. Worse then a sinner is a hypocrite. Think about it.

It appears that when the rats begin to leave the ship they feel they must "rat" on the captain. Brother Joe apparently helped his sister by stashing and replacing broken down worn out equipment for the good stuff that they knew would be going to Bob's children. I heard how they scoured garage sales to buy broken  down old circular saws to put in that work shop while removing the new saws to Joe's house until the Bob's children came and collected all their dad's personal belonging. How they hid all Bob's tools so they wouldn't have turn them over to the children, and how she took a hammer and beat out all the headlights on the low boy that was used to haul the dozier because this lowboy would be part of the children's inheritance. After bashing the lights out, she slit all the tires on it. "There, they can have it now!" And then this brother expounds on how badly she treated Bob. "Bob was never mean to her. She treated him awful." The night he died, he asked for an aspirin and with his left arm paralyzed, he asked her to put it in his mouth." She dropped it in his hand and went to lay on the sofa across from him and went to sleep. The next morning she found the aspirin on the floor." he says.

Bob would never have been the person to do all this destruction out of spite. He wasn't a spiteful person.

Joe, I've heard all this before. This is not the first time this story has been told and by her.
She is quick to tout Karma and how mean ole Karma is gonna come getcha. I would be very afraid if I were her.I listened to him far longer then I wanted or needed to.

She can shout on FB all day long about what a wonderful relationship they had. We that spent time with them know better.

 I live on a different plane then these people; one where I don't have to make up lies to survive.

Do I really need these people in my life?

I live 18hs away from these people. A phone call on the morning Bob passed and the story that was delivered to me and delivered again the next day by a different caller.
I don't have to live with what happened that night. A simple 911 phone call might have helped him but that wasn't done. Dropping the aspirin in his mouth instead of into his paralyzed left hand might not have saved his life. He knew when he asked for that aspirin what was going on. He knew it was a heart attack. The aspirin got dropped in his hand and she walked over to the sofa opposite the chair and went to sleep. Did he sit there eyes open watching her sleep until he died? Was it shortly after or did he continue to have more infarction's, unable to speak, pass the point of calling for help or arousing her? The brain dies 7 minutes after the heart ceases beating. He could see her even after the heart stopped,
It gives me shivers thinking of him sitting there. The aspirin was found on the floor after they removed the body.
Of course the next course of action, and why should I be surprised, the public mourning, whaling and pulling of hair over her anguish at loosing her soul mate. She attaches her self to other  FB widows so they can share and know her anguish. Little time passes between her postings about her lost love. Momentum. You must keep the momentum going once you have it up and moving. When she goes too far on her tirades against others, she reverts back to religion. Now posts cover her page pledging her allegiance to
God. This circle goes round and round and round. Easily recognized and eventually the following tires of the excessive mourning, the excessive sarcastic snide remarks. A few "Likes" but mostly ignoring her jabs. Occasionally she brings them back into her fold by professing another slight, another wrong done to her where she sweeps up all the sympathy and support she can get. And the wheel keeps turning.

I'm not quite sure where her vitriolic postings against me were started. I know she began them 4 months before Bob's passing. I had deleted her from my FB page. That set her off and made her angry. The personal attacks began. Her accusations of things I've done to her are unfounded. She has nothing written or posted about her that she can throw out there, only accusations but her posse follows closely by to support her cries of foul. They believe every story she tells them. I am amazed they don't expect her to copy and paste these supposed insults. I don't think they think that far ahead.

Sheeze, shades of Jody Arias huh? There is no honor among thieves. Now that anger has reared it's head the snakes are going for the throat. Do you think I was really interested in hearing all this? No, not really. I don't behave this way.
But keep quoting scriptures on Facebook and posting those wonderful religious iconic pictures. I'm sure it gives you that feeling of being a Christen and look what it does for your appearance as one. Trust me on are fooling no one less he big guy you profess so much love for. Get real.

That's my feelings about every one that has behaved this poorly.  My husband's sibling and family have called everyday.

It's just embarrassing to be from this family.


  1. And I agree with Wanda...the truth will always emerge eventually.


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