Monday, April 1, 2013

Some People Attach So much Importance to the Mundane Things In Life

The husband bought the Marquis to collect me from the hospital. He made another trip later to get some Lortab from the pharmacy. 

I stretched out upon the sofa beneath the sofa blanket from a few Christmas gifts ago. The daughter got it for me and I claim it as mine every day. Don't think you can use my blanket..plenty more reside on the other sofa. I swallowed a Lortab, guests arrived and we talked for a while. April phoned saying Carrie had a stomach virus and visiting would not be a wise idea.

Now for the mundane and we can call this a clinical  report
BM times 1, stool soft and formed. No blood clots or blood noted.
No pain:   at 5 days post op. First day out of the hospital. Minimal pain from abdominal incisions. Bandages removed by surgeon.  Lortab 5 prescribed for pain q4 hrs PRN.

Now to switch to more pleasant things. My friend Louise, who has stayed with me through this is married to the bass player for Sonny Landreth. They are packing his clothes today for  his next gig.

The Cross Roads Guitar Festival in this weekend in Madison Square Garden and Louise's husband leaves on Wednesday. He will play for two days..then with BB King  a gig somewhere in that area. He has other venues he will be playing and will be gone for 10 days.

Louise and Dave will get a CD 0f the whole Cross Roads Festival. Maybe I can get a full copy. Fidel would love it!

I'm just lazing around today. In 4 weeks the next ride will start. I will find out then how long that ride will take. I think I'm booked for the rest of this year.
I'll keep you posted. My memory book has to be updated for my way of checking back on things.

I'm done for now...and I'm tired and I need a Lortab.

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