Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Routines, Lovely Routines

It's 0600 hrs. A hash brown patty sizzles in some oil in a hot skillet. Soon it will be moved to a plate, and an egg will use the remaining hot oil to fry it to a "medium" state. A slice of bread is in the toaster; I'm listening for the sound of the toaster to release it all toasted and ready to be buttered.
Am I hungry for breakfast? No, I'm not. I'll be capable of eating this tidy little meal because I've discovered that having food in my stomach before taking the chemo drugs and my other medicines makes for an uneasy stomach.
I started off on the wrong foot initially. It was late afternoon when I took the first dose of medicines which initiated the queasiness and after that I couldn't eat. Another round of pills on an empty stomach, I continued this cycle. It had to turn around. I had to eat whether my stomach felt queasy or not and that finally turned the tables.
Now I make sure I have something in my stomach before pill time and I'm feeling much better.
This morning I will be at the oncologists office at 0800 for the labs but before that, I'm going to get dressed and drive to Carrie's house to escort her to her bus stop. This was our daily routines and I'm trying to reestablish some of them.
It's time to get dressed and ready for my day. I'll update this with my lab reports before publishing it today.

Labs were drawn and the counts are WNL (within normal limits).
I visited with the PA (physician's assistant) and we discussed my treatment. The charges for the Xelodo is 5000.00 a month. My insurance covers nothing on this. I've been obsessing over this since I was told the costs. Today I was told not to worry about money. Easy for them to say, I'm thinking.
The nurse there came in with a bottle of the medicine and handed it to me. 5000.00 worth of product didn't feel heavy in my hand.
Should we run out of the oral medicine, I was told we could switch to infusion form. I was much relieved at this information. I had visions of selling the house and auctioning off the grandkids to get through this. They assured me this wouldn't be necessary.
I'm making summer plans. I have to make plans for the future. They assure me I have one of those. I'm going to take their word on this or try to.
I'm publishing this as I think I'm done with any new information. Have a good day! 

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