Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Night

We spent most of the morning at the house. I wanted to go to Sam's Club yesterday but couldn't bring myself to getting dressed and going. Today was another try.

I'm stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels and butter. Strange, my shopping list but that's a once a month trip and of course there is always those other things I pick up while there. 106.00 later we left the store and headed home.

I wanted to see Carrie. She has been gone all weekend so I slid into the roadster and went to her house. They had saved some crawfish for her and while she and Ted feasted on mudbugs, I had a ear of corn that was boiled with the crawfish. I had to drink a glass of milk to stop the burn from the spices on that corn. I hugged and loved on Carrie for a bit then headed home.

On the way home I stopped at Pat's house. Her daughter was visiting. I think everyone I know knows someone that has breast cancer. Talking to Porche, she told me about her friend. Her friend is in her late thirties with two young children. She has followed this path I am currently on and finished all the followups.
 We proceeded to talk about the reconstruction part of this trip. Dr. Deslatte is apparently the plastic surgeon to see. I'll make an appointment when it gets close to surgery time.

Tomorrow I should find out how many treatments and how many times a week I will be going in to the clinic. I have my moments of fear and anxiety. The thought of those chemicals infusing through me makes me a bit nauseous.
I'm not looking forward to anything about tomorrow but at the same time I know it has to be done and I want this to be over with.

It's time for my Ambien. I'll face tomorrow when tomorrow gets here.

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  1. I love you .... We will face all the tomorrows together.


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