Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's Really A Simple Thing

To post something and watch the route it takes to make a complete circle. You, unfortunately are
ignorant of all the ways the internet have of tracking what is posted, who sees it first and the path it takes. The internet is a wonderful place. Ask any law enforcement  officer that attaches someone's computer so they can click through it and find all the information they need on what you have been doing. I've been messing with computers for about thirty years now...much longer then the average user  and during this time I have learned a great many tricks.
Today I posted and then not only did I get to see via my computer where it went but I got a telephone call questioning the material on it. Of course the caller wasn't the one to whom the blog referred to, but it definitely stuck a chord with this person who began making her phone calls.

Oh and to the carrier of the message...I just want you to aren't THAT slick.. I know. The computer records everything.

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  1. People mistakenly think they can hide on the internet. Everything is traceable these days xx


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