Thursday, April 4, 2013

Up Into The Morning

I awoke answering someone's question. That really didn't happen as there was only me awake at this hour. It might be around 0200 hrs in the morning. I can't find the time on this iPad so I'm just guessing.

The abdominal area was on fire. The incision site felt hot. Moving around to change positions became a painful ordeal. The husband woke and noticed my struggles and wanted to know if I needed help. From side to side I moved, groaning the whole time. There is no place to lay for comfort.

It't time for a Lortab. Apple juice sits at the bedside close to the bottle of Lortab. I tried to reposition and stay in bed. A few minutes later I decided to trash that idea and go sit on the commode. I'm still hoping for a bowel movement. My meals are non existent now. I don't want to eat unless I am having a bowel movement and the small one I had on my day home from the hospital wasn't much to speak of. I'm trying to decide when I should get worried. A suppository has occurred to me. I'll think more about that tomorrow which is really today because I know it is past midnight by a few hours.

I'm anxious to be able to dress in something other then a gown. I'll have to wait till the laparoscopy punctures heal a bit more. There is a 3 inch gash above my right hip in the area of the descending colon. That is where they had to pull the colon out and snip and suture it back to form a continuous colon again.
I went on You Tube again yesterday. I did a search on patients getting chemo for breast Ca. The young woman of around 27 yrs old appeared sitting in a chair with her medi port accessed and the chemo being infused. This was her first day. Later it showed her final day, her head smooth and eyebrows gone. Her hands were emerged in a bucket of ice to help bring down the swelling. On discharge it showed her dancing around her living room with her 3yr old and her 4 yrs old. I was so sadden to think of this young mother trying to survive with small children to raise.

Talking to a friend  last night, she said, "At least if I was diagnosed, I have my children raised, Ive done a lot in my lifetime and I think I would be ready."

I thought about that. I agree. I'm not in a hurry to check out. I might miss something...I'm sure there is more mind  shattering technology on the horizon. Send me a text on what is happenin. I hate texting so you may never get an answer OR there simply isn't a real place as the hereafter  OR  I've been told plastic cell phones can't tolerate the heat.
Oh..and it's 0400 here. I'm gone back to bed.

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