Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I Should Have Known

4 days ago a fever blister appeared midline on my upper lip. I have a 'fish pout' lip. 4 days later a cough tickle appeared. Not a real cough but one that indicated lower lobe involvement.

I woke this morning to a burning chest and a nose that needs a spigot. I'm coughing so hard it shakes my body, sneezing and this is it. I'm in the midst of a big summer cold and I have a doctor's appointment this morning.

I started this post days ago...had the dr's appoint. yesterday and posted on it and I was going to trash this post but's still revelant.
My cold is now one long series of sneezes, coughs and a runny nose that has left it raw from the many swipes it has taken.

I'm sitting here this morning watching the news reports on the Boston Marathon bombing. I'm without words on this. I was hoping it was a case of ruptured gas pipes beneath the streets. I just didn't want to think about this being done on purpose by fellow humans.

Right now more then 25 people with lost limbs. It hurts my heart to think about this.

I'm done for today.

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