Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday and the Mediport Is In

My Ambien was taken last night at 1900 hrs. I had to be up and showering at 0400 so I took my evening meds early.

0200 hrs found me wide awake. The husband was watching something on TV and after waking to what he was watching, I knew there was no point in staying in bed. I dragged myself to the sofa, flipped on the TV and climbed upon the sofa. It took a while but I did drift off to sleep. I would wake up occasionally and on one of these awake moments I watched as the town of West, in Texas reported the explosion of the ferterlizer plant.

One day apart from the bombing of the Boston Marathon, more lives lost in this explosion in Texas. I think of all the lost lives and how terribly devastating for the families involved. I drifted back to sleep for another hour and soon it was time to get up and get to the hospital.

0500 found us in the outpatient surgery area of the hospital. The RN came in and did a history and physical, hooked me up to a blood pressure cuff, a pulse ox and compression hose. Another nurse appeared to start an IV and hang a bag of Lactated Ringers. The anetheislogist stopped in to educate on what she would be using to sedate. The list of people in and out of the small holding room where the husband and I waited continued throughout the morning. 0700 found us still waiting. 

The circulating nurse appeared and that was our clue that the time was at hand to go to surgery. Versed was pushed down the line. I was still conscious as they moved me onto the operating table, adjusted the lights and strapped my arms and legs. I try to stay awake to watch all that is going on in this part of the procedure. Everyone has their job in the surgery suite. I like to observe as much as possible but soon I was on my way to la la land.

I woke to find myself back in the little room where my husband waited for me to come back to consciousness. The surgeon had already made his visit to report on the surgery and my condition. 

I was ready to leave. I rang for the nurse and asked if we could leave. We disconnected everything, a wheelchair was provided and we were on our way.

As soon as I got home, I popped a Lortab for the pain from the new incision site. My nose has been itching. A sure sign for me that the Lortab is working.
The husband is on his way to the store to get a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs. I want an omelet but right now I want a nap worse. It must be the pain medication.


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