Friday, April 19, 2013

Post Nine Eleven

The rain was forecast for yesterday afternoon. It was late in coming but it did arrive and dragging behind it was cold temperatures that inspired sweat pants and a long sleeved pajama top for sleepwear.

Today was another day of escaping pain. The incision site is more of a nuisance then horribly painful. I eat a Lortab and sleep for a while. By tomorrow more of the soreness should be gone.

It remains chilly here but I'm not complaining. I want every bit of the cold weather and for as long as we can manage to keep it before we are tagged in full summer heat. You must have realized by now that I'm not a big fan of the summers here.

The television has been full of the hunt for the bombers of the Boston Marathon. Right now they have the younger of the two brothers cornered. The older brother was shot and killed yesterday. Capturing this one is the goal so they can question him about their actions.

Stopping someone intent on violence, I fear, is an impossibility. The people responsible for the Boston Marathon bombings were from Boston. Granted they were born in another country but they caused their damage where they were living. When it first happened, I wondered why it wasn't a Super Bowl, or a major holiday gathering. Why the Marathon?

It was convenient. These guys lived right there in Boston. No travel and very little preparation to accomplish what they wanted.

Our country lost it's difference with other nations experiencing this kind of violence on Nine Eleven. That was our introduction to terror. Terror isn't something you can battle. It's not a thing; it's a feeling and we are now stuck with it.

I'm off to take another Lortab which usually leads to a nap.
I'm done here for now.

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