Monday, March 1, 2010

A sprinkle here, a sprinkle there and there you have it. My day will be sprinkly with intermittent downpours of rain cause here in Louisiana it really knows how to rain and a sprinkle will never do. We like to see concrete and cars float here .
I've decided to put that LCD in the back yard, draw a bullseye on the screen of it when the picture goes totally out and invite friends over with a cold keg and have a fun day of hitting the center of the target. I did call Samsung this morning, like they care huh?, and tell them what I thought of their product. I wasn't upset when I called and just matter of factly told them what I thought. No use wasting energy and emotion on them.
I'm going to escape the house soon and with my carnival umbrella beside me face the rain and do some junque store browsing. Friend Peg is looking for some chest of drawers for her son's house. He has been remodeling and is tapped out so a few pieces of used furniture is needed.
If I quickly leave, I'll miss that phone call from the daughter to pick up Carrie for the day. I do want to pick her up but not until I get my errands done. Dragging Carrie around in the rain is not high on my list of things to do. I haven't seen her since Friday and I do miss that little girl.
It's time to get dressed. It's early; I have plenty of time.


  1. "Junque"

    Is that more expensive "junk?"

  2. "chic" don't you think? Much better then "junk"


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