Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OMG, That's Heavy!

The wonderful man at the pawn shop loaded that Sony onto a cart and when he shoved it to the door of his shop, I was waiting with the car backed up to the door and the trunk flipped open. The trunk is deep on that car so it accommodated the mass of the Sony. I braced it with a couple cartons of canned sodas and drove softly to my house.
In the event that you haven't read about my TV saga, let me update you. Samsung;1500.00;purchased 2006; died 2009. Did search on performance of all brands of flatscreens. They all suck; unreliabile; angry consumers; I'm buying a tube TV used.

I backed into the carport and again flipped open the trunk and with a hand to each side of that Sony I lifted it up. No, that didn't happen; I assumed that would happen. I think I felt a couple of vertebrae give way or at least make a creaking sound. I took a break and came back later still delusional and thinking I could take this TV out of the trunk. I finally looked at the specs on it and discovered it was 175 lbs! Before I found those specs, I managed to get it up and on the lip of the trunk of the car which was a struggle and now I knew I wasn't going to be able to take this huge heavy back breaker into the house by myself. I eased it back down on the 12pks of sodas and went to the office for the office chair. I did get it into the chair and the next obstacle was the door and the 6 inch lip that the office chair would have to scale to get into the house. I couldn't tilt it back while in the back of the chair and with one wheel of the chair in the house I had to flatten myself to get by the chair and into the house so I would be in front of the whole mess. Holding the TV and tilting back the chair and pulling it forward at the same time was no mean trick. I had no idea this was going to weigh so much. It was later that I found the specs on it so I"m still trying to move this thing. I got it into the house and rolled it to the huge chair in the living room and wrestled it out of that office chair and onto the living room chair where it laid face down for the remainder of the afternoon.
I called Ted. School was out and I needed some help which he was quick to promise to as soon as he finished his homework. I wondered if he would really call but true to his promise my phone rang and I was on my way to collect him. Of course he wanted to know if he could drive. He doesn't have his license yet so he gets to drive through the subdivision which is enough for him right now.
I laid out the plan. We would put the TV in the office chair and roll it into the kitchen and both of us would heft it up on the counter. I had the chair braced in place and we both bent over to pick it up but this is where he shouldered me out of the way, picked up the TV, walked into the kitchen and heaved it upon the counter. I held my breath. I waited for it to go crashing to the tile floors. Didn't happen. I remember when Ted would hula dance in his diaper in front of my TV and I wanted to bawl. The child has grown up to be over 6ft tall and 195 lbs. What happened to my baby boy? A wave of sadness passed through me for the way it was and then thankfulness that I had a healthy grandson that was willing to give a hand to his Nana.
By the way, my 100.00 Sony Trinitron is awesome. I sat in front of it last night and watched it for a while. Today it will get moved to the third bedroom while it waits for that Samsung to take it's last breath.
The husband should be on his way home late tonight. He has been gone almost 3 weeks. I think he worked most of the month of February. This year for him has been a busy one and hopefully it will stay that way.
I'm going to the shop today to get a haircut. I've had enough of straggly hair, TV's, rain and cold. Whatcha gonna do? Just roll with it. Nothing stays bad forever except a Samsung.


  1. I have one of the big ones in my craft room. I have to put it in the corner because it is too big to just sit on the counter facing out. It has a great picture, a remote and hopefully it will last a while longer. I am not crazy aboubt my flat screen in the bedroom. Unless it is at eye level, you don't get the best picture.

  2. Joan, I'm still trying to find anyone that has kept a flatscreen gong for 4 yrs. or more!


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