Thursday, March 18, 2010

Is It Really Thursday Already

Carrie sneaked a camera last night and ran around taking pictures. Her Poppy and Pat from around the corner.

Funny how fast time zips right along when something looms in your future that you are not thrilled about being a part of. Tomorrow morning I will be headed to Park Plaza but by this time Saturday morning it will be over and I will be back on that road to recuperation and that's the way I view this.
Carrie slept over and that explains this early hour of sitting here at the computer. I crept out of bed at 4:30 and laid down on the sofa for a few more hours of rest which never works out the way I envision in my head. Soon I could hear her making her way down from that tall bed and stumbling, with her Dollie held by the neck and flopping loosely in her clutched fist half asleep, down the hall to find me. I tried coaxing her back to bed but she insisted on the sofa so we both laid at opposite ends, her head on a pillow, blanket covering her small body and I waited for her breathing to become shallow and slow. Since she was only half awake it didn't take long. To the kitchen I crept with lights off and found the coffee pot in the darkened room. Coffee filter, grounds and water and a flip of the switch and the brew trickled down into the pot where I stood with an empty mug waiting for a caffeine fix. Picking up my mug of hot heavily creamed coffee, I moved in here to the office to do the usual morning routine online of checking email, Facebook, blogs and news. It's a ritual and one that I would miss if something interfered with my routine. I don't plan on keeping Carrie all day as I have a few errands to run before the big day arrives.
The saga of the "roomie" that I had blogged about and my friend that was trying to rid herself of that roomie kept yesterday a day of anxiety for her. Constant phone calls all day and evening, over thirty five calls in 3 hrs., and leaving verbal messages of abuse was heaped upon her. She chose not to answer the phone but the messages were still there. Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe the battery to his cell phone will finally wear down. At one point she did speak to him when he left a message saying he was coughing up blood. She offered to take him to Charity hospital. He refused saying "All I want to do is come home and take a bath and go to bed" at which point she didn't reply but broke the connection with him. I fear the worst is yet to come.
The husband is packing up his truck with all his tools and supplies; by next week he should be in Texas at a spud meeting and then on that job when it starts. I'll be flying alone here but I don't plan on doing much; a lot of reading and television and Internet will be my life for the next few months. I'm hoping he picks up a job in the Colorado Rockies. I'm ready to go home for a while. How about parking a travel trailer in some little park in Durango for the summer? I've ran that question by him but the response wasn't too positive. All summer in the Rockies and all winter on the Gulf Coast sounds like just the perfect way to spend the year. I think I'm dreaming.
Carrie is still asleep so I've been stripping beds and this might be the last time for that for a while too or at least easily doing it. A month from tomorrow I will be ............................................and so on.
And, I'm done for now. I'm done with posting for now. I have things to do and steps to take.

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