Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gory? Maybe. Be Forewarned

Up and out of the house and putting that wheelchair in the back seat of the car while on crutches is something I don't think I'll try to do again. A kindly elderly lady at the doctors office parking lot assisted me while I got it out and another lady, young and barely larger then a 12 yr old helped me get it back into the car.
I stopped on the way to the Doctor's office at T-Coon's and had breakfast. I was more then a little hungry. I wanted 12 eggs and a pound of bacon but of course I would have been too embarrassed to order that. I've lost 16lbs in a little over 30 days and I would hate to gain it all back after breakfast plus the waitress looked like one of the Kardashian sisters and probably wore a size 2; I figured she couldn't even carry all the food I wanted to order. Two eggs over easy, bacon, biscuits and grits and I was satisfied.
I used the wheelchair to cross from the back of the dang parking lot to the incline that was the entrance to the podiatrist's office. The incline was a challenge but another young lady in scrubs came to my assistance and rolled me up to the door and into the elevator. 3 Xrays were taken and then I was back to the exam room to wait on the doctor. I had a few questions for him.
His answer to my wanting to know if he thought this surgery would cure my problem, was an emphatic "Yes!" Apparently the spur was not only large but huge and part of it had broken off and was lodging between the calcanus and the bone above and eating away at the Achilles. He said it would have only gotten worse and he could understand the pain I was suffering. Marvelous! I have my answer so now I wait for the healing. He wants my foot elevated at all times as the swelling at the wound site might cause it to dehise which could lead to plastic surgery to replace dead tissue. Say Doc, could you possibly scare me any more into staying off of it? Message received. I'll be good and at this writing that's what I'm doing.
It's going to be a long two months. I'm going to try to sleep a little of it away. Well, look at that. It's nap time already.


  1. You be good and for how long? What are the Vegas odds on that happening?

  2. Buffalo: I feel a whine coming on but I'm trying to suppress it. I have a wonderful reclining chair on the patio, tv mounted high on the wall and that will be where I hang out during the nice days.

    Don't call your bookie to place a bet on that yet though.


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