Monday, March 22, 2010

So What's All the Screamin About?

I've had to listen to the most absurd reasons for why this health care bill shouldn't have passed and why it is unfair, unpatriotic? and other silliness. I even had one lady say that now when they pass the immigration bill all the immigrants will have insurance too.
Let me say this. If you only knew! I worked at a psych outpatient clinic. Many of those clients needed to be there but there was another section of clients that knew that if they claimed they were depressed, came once a month for meds and every three months for their appointments with their counselors, they could get on medicare whereby they got a check and insurance. Nice if you can get it huh? If you were addicted to drugs, same thing.
Another place I attempted to work but couldn't because it made me feel positively gritty dirty was a program where home care aides, social workers and nurses were supplied to families with disabled children. If the child was bound to a wheelchair, a van was given to the family with a w/c lift, a room was added on or revised to make it wheelchair friendly and exterior doors were done large to help with ingress and egress and one place even had a pool for therapeutic seasons for the child. Now you might say this was all justified. Let me tell you about this child before you approve of all this government supplied help and care.
This child sat in a wheelchair (motorized of course) with the back reclined to about 60 degrees. His eyes were closed, drool was wiped occasionally from his face by his aide. He sat very quietly while food was pumped into his stomach via a feeding tube, a foley catheter took away urine wastes. I stood beside his chair watching for a while, then turned and asked the aid if he was sleeping. "No" she said, this was his normal state". "So, he's semi-comatose?" I asked. "Well, yes, you could say that."
This child was transported daily to a classroom and not a classroom for special needs children. The parents want them mainstreamed. They feel as though their child deserves to be treated the same as other children. I question how much this child would be learning? He does need total care but many of the parents of these children that were in this same condition took as much as they could from the government coffers.
I'm just saying, there are a lot of health spending out there that makes no sense. The lady that questions illegal aliens getting insurance? That's the least of her worries, she just doesn't know it.
Oh..and damn the Catholics. How dare they oppose a health bill on abortion when they cover up all the diddling of those young boys and now the holy hiring of male prostitutes for their gay blade entourage! And along with those good ole boys are the politicians that oppose abortion but then cut funding for care of those same children. Arizona just got it's Child Health Care stopped. It's on hold. No one new accepted. Take a number and wait.

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