Friday, March 12, 2010

Almost Done

Up bright and early and as scheduled I started painting the office. Paint and wipe and paint and wipe. As soon as I finish these walls, I'll put everything away. The ceiling I will do later. Much later. The walls in here went from a deep hunter green to a goldenrod color. It's the same color as the laundry room. I found no good reason to change colors on these rooms as they both adjoin the kitchen so that means 1/2 of the house is yellow or gold and the other half is various shades of soothing greens.

It looks very odd in this room now as it had been that deep green for about 10 yrs. This is a change but one that makes for a brighter, fresher look.

I'm looking forward to my shower in a few minutes. I then need to pack. We are going to New Orleans for the weekend; leave Saturday morning and come back on Monday. The husband wants to eat at Mother's and I want some beignets at Cafe DuMonde. Soon it will be too hot and humid for me to venture into that bowl of steamy soup that we call the 'Quarters. Not a place for me in the middle of the summer, but fall and spring, I'm good with making the trip.
I hurt all over from this painting binge. The sooner I finish, the sooner I can get a hot shower and with that, I'm outta here.

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