Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Seeing The Doctor, Seeing The Wound

It has been 5 days since surgery and I feel great and even better then that, my foot feels the same. I'm so glad my foot and I are in agreement on our dispositions. Today I take my foot to visit it's surgeon where I will question him about what was found and what my prognosis is for having no more pain. I'm hoping that he tells me that the spur there was causing the problem and that he didn't have to cut the Achilles although that is highly unlikely and I know that. Not cutting the Achilles might allow me to walk sooner. I'm sure he had to do that to get to the spur or at least that was his feelings prior the surgery.
I'm hungry. That didn't come out of the blue. Dinner last night left my stomach empty and I didn't bother trying to correct that after I got back home. I wiggled myself into the bathroom and onto the shower chair where I sprayed, soaped and sprayed myself, managed to get back out and dressed in night clothes and to bed.
I owe myself a meal and as soon as I get my face on and the wheelchair in the car, I'm going down the street for some breakfast. I'll be back later this morning with a rundown on what the podiatrist/surgeon reports.


  1. Hope all goes well. Take pictures!! Casa Hice loves a good gore photo.

    But seriously, Charlotte Ann... so glad you're feeling good and are pain free. You'll be doing the Tango in no time.


  2. May I suggest that you skip the steak and eggs? Nothing is worse than a really bad steak.

    I'm glad your foot feels better, but I'm not lookin' at any gory photo's!

  3. Here ya go Alix....the next post...the one above this one is for you and Poweder might not want to look!


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