Thursday, March 25, 2010

Has it been a week yet?

Oh my. This will never do. For the most part of this day I have been on the sofa with my right leg flung up and over the back of it. My bandaged, 6.5 lbs. of bandages and foot point toward the ceiling well above my heart. I sight along that foot and see the top of the door frame and beyond that the ceiling. If I sight forward, I view this laptop and to the left the coffee table and beyond that, the big screen T.V. I sip on a chilled can of Nestea Diet Iced Tea, munch on a few tortilla rounds and grit my teeth. I'm expected to do this for 6 more days? How can people exist like this?
Occasionally I pick up a book that is dog eared to the last page read and reposition myself a little but always maintaining the right leg above heart level. A small bowl of chicken soup was served again for lunch and a grilled chicken salad is promised for dinner. I'm looking forward to dinner.
Ok, so it seems the high point of the day will be dinner? Since Feb 22nd, I've been determined to eat healthier and saner and being stuck on this sofa with only meals to look forward to was not how I planned on distracting myself from the past indiscretions with food.
I did crutch myself out to the patio for a short while and although the sun is shining brightly, it's chilly outside; I didn't stay long but I may have to drag a blanket out there and hang out just for a change of scenery.
I can only wonder out how many more hours I can maintain sanity at this level of activity. The salads are almost done and I'm so excited. I'll have to continue this later when I find more time. That was said with a note of scarcasm.


  1. There are so many things to say that spring to mind. A sense of decorum and a stronger sense of self-preservation has rendered me mute.

  2. Buffalo:
    Safety is the best path to follow..always.


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