Friday, March 26, 2010

Nothing Much Planned

What happened to my night? I quickly fell asleep around 2100 hrs. and awoke promptly at 0200 hrs. Dragging myself into the wheelchair, I backed it up and cleared the foot of the bed, twirled the chair and headed for the door, this done in the dark. On the way to the living room, I had to make a bathroom stop so I had to park the chair, and plant my left foot on the floor and push with that foot and my hands to get in an upright stance, grab the crutches and crutch swing to the toilet. I'm having the best time. I have to reverse this order of operation to get back to the chair and repeat it once again to get to the sofa. I should have the arms and shoulders of a gymnast in a few weeks or I'm going to look like one of those giant hairy gorillas with the broad shoulders that can swing walk with those long arms planted on the ground.
The high points of my day coincide with the normal meal times and what is served. I know dinner will be a shrimp salad and again, I'm excited. It doesn't take a lot these days to get my pulses strumming at a higher rate. Since we rarely eat 3 times a day, the meal times quickly turn into milestones for me. I don't want to even think about how sad and empty my life is now. Please don't cry for me.(said with back of hand pressed to forehead) I just have to be strong and patient..............oh! Good gosh, I'm making myself nauseous.
Boredom is a slow death for me.
I do have one thing planned. I'm going to weigh myself and hope the numbers are uplifting and not depressing. Even without weighing myself, the clothes tell the story and in two words, "stuff fits". I'm anticipating the wonderful day when something is too large for me and "doesn't fit" again. I can imagine myself flinging those capris, shorts and shirts in a pile in the corner of the room and sighing while I mutter, "nothing fits" and say it because those clothes were too big instead of too small. Then I'll look into that closet, shake my head at having nothing to wear and grab my purse and wallet and march to my car where I will point it in the direction of the mall and shop for a complete closet full of new clothes to fit my svelte new body and compliment my face which has magically unaged 20 yrs.
Whoa.......did I fall asleep for a moment and have a dream? See what happens when boredom wins?


  1. I'll go shopping with you! I love love love clothes : )

    I've never really had any weight to lose, but I get pretty excited when other folks are losing it, I live vicariously through their excitement about the shopping. Yes, I'm that lame.

    Shrimp salad, well, that is something to get excited about.

    Or it would be if I hadn't stupidly disregarded your warning about the gory heel photo's. I don't know how the med professional people do it, I'd be in a full on faint all day looking at that stuff...

  2. Are you just being a smart eater or are you on some particular diet?

  3. Powder Girl: a closed wound view is a breeze. What's rough is an open one with bones or intestines showing. I really won't have to shop for clothes as I have two sizes in that closet that are smaller then the size I currently wear and it will be like discovering new clothes when I can wear them.
    Joan: no special diet. Eating smarter, smaller portions and just being aware. Of course that knee replacement year and quitting the cigarettes at the same time really played havoc with my weight. I don't think about the cigarettes's been a year, so now I'll concentrate on getting back into that cache of smallers sizes in my closet. I hate the weght gain but I hated the smoking more so I'm quite happy about kicking the nicotine habit. Now it's time for to regain control of what I eat.


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