Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh, and

I'm not getting out of my pajamas today. What's the point. They look much like my normal attire, capris and a night shirt so whose to know? More crutch exercise and then to the kitchen to brush my teeth and to the office to put a wee bit of makeup on to brighten my face. You're wondering why I have the toothpaste and toothbrush in the kitchen and my makeup in the office? It works better that way although half the time I can't remember if I've brushed my teeth or not. Normally pre surgery I would make the mandatory bathroom stop in the morning and while half asleep, brush my teeth before exiting the bathroom. Now it's not an automatic thing and I find some time during the day I'm questioning whether I brushed or not. The makeup at the office desk allows me to roll up and apply some makeup while in my chair. Convenience is the key word in my life now. I feel disorganized.

Weight in shows a plus pound and I'm attributing it to the new dressing that was applied. Hey! More cotton, much more cotton in the wrap could weight a lb. couldn't it? I'm going with that and I'll do another weigh in a few days from now to see if the scale slid down the line a little. I should have weighted when I came home from the doctor's office soon after he changed this dressing.

Right now I'm looking forward to more salad with chicken for lunch and then a trip to the patio with my book, blanket and some sunshine. I'll publish this later just in case something earth shattering should happen and need to be included in this post (sigh) ...01100 hrs.

2100 hrs:
Salad with grilled chicken strips; the remains of what was left from our dinner last night and it was still a tasty treat that I enjoyed while sitting in the reclining mesh chair on the patio at noon. I covered myself in a lightweight blanket while having my salad then I tilted the chair back as far as it would tilt and soaked up some sun while reading a John Grishom novel. Relaxed.
I soon moved into the house and back to the sofa. The husband was going to the market and didn't want me alone outside. I read, watched TV and napped, never breaking that thread of relaxation. Dinner rocketed along and a large white plate with a decent mound of mixed lettuce greens, olives, cherry tomatoes, purple onion slices and finely shredded carrot pieces with sprinkles of fresh blue cheese chunks beneath a dressing of blu cheese surrounded by grilled shrimp was served. I'm so happy someone in this house enjoys being in a kitchen. Dinner was worth the wait.
I'm making a promise to myself and one I've not kept secret from the husband. When this foot gets healthy and well, I want to go on a vacation that involves using my newly renewed passport. I have visions of revisiting Florence, Rome and Venice. I even suggested, should he want to stay home, I will travel with my brother and sister in law this fall to Germany. I'm pass due on a big trip; a break in the monotony.
Excuse me while I prop my foot back into space; an elevation above the heart. I'm trying to be compliant.

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