Tuesday, March 9, 2010

But For the Rain

We would have made a trip to New Orleans for two days. I don't relish the idea of walking around the 'Quarters in this weather. Instead of making that trip, I made one to Blockbusters to rent a few videos. Since The Hurt Locker took best picture of the year, I rented it. I also rented Up in The Air and when I take these back, I'll rent Precious. I should be all caught up on the movies I wanted to see from 2009.
A chill is in the air but of course that seems to always come with the rains in March. I'm having a lazy day. I haven't cleaned a damn thing today and maybe that's a good sign of acceptance? I'm done ranting and raving; I'll stand as in an assembly line, I'll be cut and hopefully fixed and sewn back up and all the while I'll be chanting my mantra of "this time next year" (I'll be all better) (I'll be healed up) (I'll be able to walk pain free) and on and on and on.....

As soon as this movie ends, I'll make a trip to daughter's house and pick up Carrie and leave this movie for her. I was a little lot disappointed when James Cameron's Avatar didn't win best picture but after viewing The Hurt Locker, I will say it is a good movie.

Rain, movies and naps. It's been one of those sorta days.

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  1. I love rainy movie days. Hope you heal up quickly and well!


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