Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Seeing The Surgeon

At least this is a more decent hour to awaken. I opened my eyes at 0400 and raised my head to peer at the clock with the green digitally displayed numbers that eventually came into focus. Punching the pillow into a different shape, I wiggled my head back into it and closed my eyes to wait for sleep to return and wonder of wonders, it did!
Down the hall in my wheelchair at 0500 with a stop at the bathroom, I finally rolled to the front door where I jerked it open to have a first look at the day. The huge full moon stared back at me. It was low in the sky and almost eye level to my position in my chair. A slight haze hung in the air and the air had lost it's nip. It appears as though we are in for another wonderful spring day.
At 1000 hrs. I will be at the surgeon's office for his inspection of my wound site. I don't expect much change from this visit. There won't be a walking boot offered. It's too early and he did say at the outset of this adventure, that I would be non weigh bearing for two months and I'm sure he will continue with those orders.
I can now spin that wheelchair on a dime, learned to cut a 90 degree corner and lately I've been eyeing those wheelie bars and curious as to how much support they would offer should a wheelie be popped and get out of control. I'm not saying I'm ready for a wheelchair Olympics but I can see how those that use them a lot could be driven to learn some tricks with them.
I'm closing this temporally until after my doctor's visit and at that time I shall return with an update. I might even post pictures. Aren't you excited?


  1. Hah, next thing you'll be hanging around the skate-board parks doing jumps and wheelies.

    Glad you're getting the hang of the chair. You might not want to give it up when the time comes.

  2. Powdergirl: lol...boredom is a killer. I've always been one to ride next to 'the limit" hence all the broken bones and surgeries on said bones. I need to own up to my age and become a little more sedate.


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