Friday, March 19, 2010

Tylox and Tipsy

I was at the surgery center at 0800 where the husband left me at the front door while he tried to find a parking space. The first thing the center wanted was my check for 1000.00, the deductible for this procedure. Getting that out of the way, I met the husband at the front door and then down a long hall to the surgery waiting room. That was a short stay. The staff called my name and we headed into the pre op area where I got to trade in my capri's and sweater for a lovely washed out pale blue gown with the slit from neck to knees. A few ties were missing so I made sure I didn't make any fancy dance moves in it.
IV started and antibiotic and fluids started and a hit of Versed to relax me while I waited to be wheeled back into surgery. The husband was bought back to keep me company until the call to the surgery suite came. The next thing I recall was waking up back in my little cell with a wrap from toes to just below knee and along with that, pain. Demerol pushed down the IV by the nurse helped to relief some of it so she came back a little later with another dose. By the third dose I was humming along with my eyes closed. Ya gotta love drugs doncha? You can tell when you have reached old age. Doin drugs is medicinal and not to "cop a buzz".

Surgery was about 45 minutes long just as the Doctor promised. As soon as my vital signs looked somewhat normal, a wheelchair appeared and I was on my way home. Right now I'm waiting on the husband to get the Tylox prescription filled so I can grin again. Purely medicinal.
It's done and the recovery process can start and that's a good thing. I'm looking forward to talking to the doctor next Tuesday. I want to know if what he found was what he expected to find!
I'm thankful that I have the wheelchair. A couple of Tyloxs and my mouth feels like I ate a bag of cotton balls so of course you drink. Drinking leads to increased times you have to empty the bladder. You wanna try that on crutches? I look like a ship heaving on rough seas and if I don't look like that, that's how I feel. Maybe I should yell "incoming" when I stand up just to warn anyone in my way. I'll use the wheelchair instead. I've already ran into doors and walls and my chaste vocabulary was one of the first things to disappear. If you believe I had a chaste mouth then I have a bridge in.......yadda, yadda, yadda.
I have to ask the husband for assist but I try not to do it often. I can hear that tone and it's not the tone of a deeply devoted nurse to her profession. I have two months non weight bearing. This ought to be interesting. Then at about the time I think he is an impatient nurse, he ambles through the room asking if I need anything or if I'm "ok'. Now if he could only do the bathroom trip for me I would be most grateful.
Maybe I should end this. I could be getting Tylox silly.
Good night!


  1. Thanks for posting. Glad you came through with flying colors.

  2. My husband is a TERRIBLE nurse.

    And right now, he's injured and bed ridden(ish), I have to admit, I'm having a hard time with being his nurse!
    LOL .

    Glad yours redeems himself at the critical times : )


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