Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I wheeled up to the counter, stretched my arm and hand out to the faucets and from a sitting position it was quite the stretch. I washed the sink full of dishes and stashed them in the dishwasher to dry. Then I headed to the laundry for the vacuum cleaner. I wrapped my feet around the base of the vacuum and holding on tightly backed the wheelchair out of the laundry room. Every time I had to make a sharp turn, I would have to use my hands to place the vacuum where I wanted it then wrapping my feet around the base of it, I could roll forward in my chair and get it where I wanted to be. Plugging it in was a breeze after which I vacuumed the living room rug. This may not sound like an accomplishment to you, nor you or even to you, but it was to me. This means I can do some household chores on my own and that just thrills me no end. I'm slow, yes I am. I wouldn't hire out as a wheelchair bound housekeeper, but I can keep my own nest tidy and that's all that matters for now.
I also can be a tidy housekeeper that smells fresh! The bath went well yesterday. It was no struggle to get to the tub seat and all the shampoos and soaps, face clothes and towels were in easy reach. No stress on that either but again, it was a matter of not getting in a hurry.
Another first, I rode the chair to the door, stood up and moved the chair to the outside on the carport and used my crutches to get to the chair. I was outside in the sunshine! Another leap forward in what and where I can go. Freedom. I don't feel so caged knowing what and where I can go.
If you see a runaway wheelchair careening down the street with a female with her right foot encased in a dressing, just wave. I'm having a good day.


  1. I also can be a tidy housekeeper that smells fresh!

    LOL!!! That cracked me up, Charlotte Ann. You reminded me of a Massengill commercial.

    Congratulations on ALL your wheelchair accomplishments. I think I would have just asked my husband to vacuum. You're a champ. And a funny one at that.

    Hope you're having more sunshine today. Our forecast seems to be improving. Sun and a high of 65 today - but - 78 on Friday. Let's all cross our fingers and toes.

  2. Alix: I looked like someone from a homeless shelter with all that geased hair look and shabby pj's. It's going to get better and I do appreciate your stopping by. It's warm here! I'm going "out" today and I hope it's just "out" and not "tipped over".....


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