Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Drama Wednesday

I've been up since 0500 hrs. when I rang my friend with the roomie problem. She had a plan today. She was driving to the shelter with him this morning and after he got out of the car with his things, she was going to drive off.
After their trip yesterday to the shelter and finding no beds available, he came home and slept most of the day except for the four times he picked up her keys and left to go to the store for a Power Aide. The problem is, after a couple of trips for each Power Aide, his words began to slur. She was adamant about him leaving today.
She called finally to say that she had left him there and as she drove off he was running after her car and screaming for her. She was tearful and upset and asked to come over which she did. We sat over some coffee and tearfully she vented about what she had done. She feels bad about just leaving him there but her options were limited. Her cell phone rang sporadically and she said he had called her eight times since she had driven away.
I fear this man who has lived with her for almost two years had his own agenda. When he had a job his money wasn't used to help with household expenses. He lived there free of any charges; he kept his paychecks. It worked for almost two years. A good run for him.
Amid our conversation this morning, I asked why he didn't go back to New Mexico where his mother had a house. Mom is 88 yrs old. Apparently his mom had already discussed this with my friend and said he wasn't welcome in her home. This was told to me right after my friend professes what a nice man he is except for his refusal to get a job and resuming apparently his drinking which was the reason he had arrived at this point in his life with no home, car or possessions other then the few clothes he owns.
Apparently this is something a lot of men do. Remember, I said "a lot" not ALL.
My neighbor told me she has an Uncle who has never bought a place to live. He looks for lonely woman who are retired or have a job and a home and he makes himself available to them. These lonely women are easy targets. He is very accommodating. He plays "pleasant, helpful companion" but keeps his cash securely away from anything that looks like a household bill. The women are so happy to have the company of a male and he works it well. This man is late 50's and still doing what he has done all his life.
I fear this is what my friend has encountered.
She left here to check the locks on the windows and doors on her house and to pick up the spare key that was hidden outside. She is expecting him to show up. I'm worried for her. My opinions of this man and his docile manner does not align with her views of him. Back someone into a corner and they may just attack.
I'll be home today and I will be checking occasionally on her. I offered a bedroom so she could hide out for a while. That's all I can do for now.
Drama. I hate drama. Please, give me a calm life and if I want drama, let me get my chills and thrills from a ski slope or a whitewater raft trip or even a carnival ride. I'm too old for this kind of drama.

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