Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Whole Day Without a Gag

So far so good although I know it's only 1900 hrs here and I could still start with the vomiting. The husband made a wonderful pot of home made chicken soup. The broth was clear and fat free, fresh carrots, celery, mushrooms, noodles and chicken breast and it was awesome. I was able to have a nice bowl of soup with some saltine crackers. No nausea.

The daughter bought Carrie up to visit and they just left. Poor Carrie couldn't understand why she couldn't spend the night though she could see the huge bandage on my foot. My patience is very thin and though the husband would meet any demands she would make, I would prefer to be able to sleep whenever the urge hit and I would worry about her. The best place she could be right now is with her mother.

Tomorrow I may try for a shower. This no hygiene thing is really not my cup o tea. It feels as though I've been like this for weeks instead of just two days. I can only imagine what two months of this will be like. I'm trying to not be so impatient but as my friend said today to my husband.."she is fiercely independent".

I just took a Tylox. I'm ready to start swaying soon so I'm going to transfer from this chair to the sofa and wait for the waves to arrive.

We'll do this again same time tomorrow, ok?

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  1. I hope you get some rest, and that you are protected from all the distractions.


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