Sunday, February 28, 2010

Warm, Floors and Tirades

Spring has returned once again and it's 67 degrees here today. The sun is shining so brightly I need to find my movie star sun glasses.
The flooring is going and slowly. One bedroom done and part of the hallway has been laid. I operate a bit differently then daughter does when doing a project. I like to forge ahead until it's finished. She will start another project halfway through one project and this I can't do. For craps' sake, finish one thing before starting something else.
On another note, I have a question for anyone viewing this. Do you have an LCD flat screen television? I do and it's not something I want to brag about. In 2006 we bought a Samsung 45 inch TV for the bedroom. It sits high upon a chest of drawers and from the bed it appears as though you might be in a movie theatre (big TV for bedroom size). Before purchasing this television we did our homework and researched and researched and reached the conclusion that a Samsung was the best you could buy in an LCD and off to Best Buy we went. Plunking down 1500.00 plus tax, we left the store with this high definition monstrosity that was promised to show the sweat on football players on the field of play. I've mentioned this before? Yes, I have and I'm still confused about why we needed to be able to see sweat but I'm guessing we are talking clarity and high def here.
This TV is now trash. I'm angry. Repairing it will cost 600.00. I've mentioned this before too haven't I? Well, replacing the part that is defective with another that is weak and won't last long is not an option. I did a search on the web "complaints about LCD TVs" and was bombarded with complaints about all brands of LCD's. Apparently most of them are trash. Now, I ask you, what do I replace this one with? That's the same question I asked the husband tonight. I told him about all I have been reading about LCD's and also told him I didn't want to buy another one. We've agreed to keeping the Samsung until it completely dies which by the looks of it won't be long, and then using the one in the guest bedroom which is another LCD but smaller and a Toshiba. The sad part is, you can't buy a tube TV any more. They stopped making them so that is not an option.
The makers of these wonderful LCD's are ignoring the consumer complaints. (see I'm wondering how long that can continue. My question is, who has an LCD that has lasted longer then 3 or 4 years? I would be interested in finding out if any of them have lasted that long or longer.
I'm taking my tirade off here and heading for the bedroom where I can watch a television show peppered with purple pixels and black lines across that 45 inch screen. Technology, don't ya just love it?
One last note; some fyi. I've seen the ads lately about LED (light emitting diodes) as the newest thing. Now Samsung came out with this and of course those TVs are more expensive. The catch to this is it's not a different TV as they would have you believe but an upgrade added to the LCD's (Liquid Crytal Display). The LED is a backlight to make contrasts sharper, ie. blacks appear blacker and whites whiter. They are still LCD's but instead of the bulbs they have the backlight. A bit misleading is their advertising on this. And now you know. So if you care about blacks and whites and don't forget sweat, then rush right out and pay a chunk of money for a few years of viewing pleasure. And now I'm off to bed.

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