Thursday, March 11, 2010

Day Lillies, Tasks and More of Nothing

There is nothing going on in my world except the tasks I've set for myself to finish before I have surgery. Tomorrow I hope to paint the office. Right now my heel hurts because I've been standing all day but I did get a lot done. Rugs cleaned, car shampooed and more things pitched out or organized. I'm tellin ya, I either won't have a thing left or I will know where what is left is stashed.

Everyone is mowing their grass and weeding flower beds. I'm watching the magnolias bloom and all the other shrubs that I have no idea what their names are. Soon the azaleas will be bursting with color and they are a sight to behold. Pinks, violent reds and white azaleas encircle houses and line the roadways. It's beautiful here in the spring.

The husband dug up all the day lillies and pulled them apart and replanted. I started with six plants and now after sectioning I have a whole bed of them. They bloom a bright yellow all summer long and I do like the flowers that bloom thru the summer. Not for me, the ones that pop a color at the first note of warm air and then are gone.
One week from tomorrow and I'll be cruising around in my little wheel chair or swinging between two crutches to get to where I would like to be. I'm staying busy and trying to NOT think about it. I did pick up the Lovenox today. It's a blood thinner that I will inject into my abdomen daily after the surgery to prevent clots; $325.00 and none of it covered by insurance. Outrageous!
Nuff said and I'm going to bed. At least if I'm in my pj's I won't be up hobbling around on this tired foot.

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  1. Sounds like you are busy with the yardwork. The snow is just about all melted and we hope to be digging the garden and planting flowers soon as well.


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