Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Really Shouldn't Be up This Early

and I have no idea why I am out of bed before the crack of dawn. Isn't it that crack of dawn that signifies it's early and getting up then would be considered early enough? Oh, but not me. I'm betting even the people working the graveyard shift are taking a nap on their jobs at the time I roll out of bed. I promise myself a nap when this happens and that usually doesn't happen either.

Carrie called her Poppy yesterday afternoon and requested she be picked up and that's exactly what her Poppy did. He drove to her house and returned with her in a few minutes. She rode her pink jeep around the yard and stayed outside until it was time to enjoy the exotic meal her Poppy was preparing. Last night she enjoyed dinosaur meat that was prepared on the grill. She was so excited when she asked Poppy what he was cooking and when he replied "dinosaur meat"; she looked forward to her share at dinner. She ate two of the boneless ribs that had been rechristened "dinosaur meat". I'm envisioning her asking her mother to fix her some dinosaur.
The renovation at the daughter's house has picked up speed. They actually got all the drywall up, primed and painted yesterday. It's a small room but still a lot of work was done and today maybe the flooring will go in. I'm so excited. This will be Carrie's new room. I just sit and watch; I'm on restricted duty.
The husband is making a trip to pick up some flowers for the mailbox garden and this little trip is a cause for major celebration. I'm going with him. I can ride in the back seat of the truck and prop my leg on the arm rest between the front seats. I'll be following doctors' orders while getting out of here for a while. It will be 7 days tomorrow that I have been confined to the sofa and the wheelchair. I've stayed out of my car; the husband was home and there was no way I was going to be able to sneak by him. Tomorrow at 1000 hrs I will be back to visit the surgeon. Hopefully, some of the swelling has decreased and he is happy with all the boredom the sofa has supplied this past week.
I'll need to make this a short trip. I'm guessing I'll be asleep on the sofa by 1300 hrs so let the trip begin!


  1. Crack of Dawn ... you have it all wrong. Probably your spelling. It is "Don," not "Dawn." Don was a plumber .... and, as Paul Harvey was wont to say, "Now you know the rest of the story."

    The dinosaur meat - now, that was funny.

  2. lol...thanks for the comment. Carrie is always entertainment.


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