Saturday, March 13, 2010


I'm home and still doing some things around here. We didn't go to New Orleans. The husband was all ready to make some reservations as soon as I gave him the nod which I didn't. After working on these rooms for the past three days, last night I paid for it with pain that had me hobbling around. I iced the heel down and took some Aleve before going to sleep. I couldn't imagine walking all over the French Quarter with this heel.
Maybe we can schedule it another time but the time is near for the surgery and I'm hoping it actually fixes the problem and heals without infection. ..........this time next month.....I'll be sitting here hopefully on the mend once again.

I ended my marathon of home projects. They aren't completed; trim work and touch up stuff but this will be good enough for now. I rearranged the office and after doing it, I noticed that the computer in here is now wheelchair accessible if I need to get in here with the wheelchair. Now for figuring out how to get a hot shower; I've thought about hooking a water hose to the kitchen sink and running it out the window and taking a shower in the back yard. Except for the air traffic overhead......well maybe not.

My plans tonight are to do nothing but ice my heel and relax. It's so quiet here without Carrie and we both miss her although to have Carrie around it to forgo any relaxing. I'm done and I'm outta here.

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