Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is It Just Me That Thinks this Is Beautiful?

ok...maybe not so much after seeing these on the computer.

I whined to the doctor about how bored I was and he was pleasantly satisfied that I was doing as told which is nothing. He inspected the foot and noted the swelling had decreased and was happy. The physician assistant (PA) had me doing some gymnastic like moves frozen in place so that he could remove the stitches. That wasn't a painful event but I didn't expect it to be. The splint and wrapping were replaced and I was sent on my way and as I exited by the bookkeeping lady, she sang out "no charge" which put a smile on MY face.
I even had the husband take me to this appointment and pick me up and nobody even asked this time how I had gotten there. Wouldn't you know it?  If I had driven myself they wouldn't have known.
I'm following the instructions of keeping my foot over my head and, with a smile, the doctor said "it's only for another 6 weeks". Easy for him to say. His stride looks fine.
The husband just received a call to hit the road. He is headed to a location to help another employee with that job until the one slated for him comes up. He will start today and drive 1/2 way there then finish the drive tomorrow. Back on the payroll and that's a good thing.
I'll be flying solo again; I just checked to make sure I had my car keys. That's JUST IN CASE of emergency and I might need to go ...uh...Somewhere?  Anywhere?   Stir crazy-get of the house?
I'm going to get a piece of cheese, an iced tea and a nap and in that order.


  1. After all you've been through, and are going through, you'd best be able to sprint like an Olympic champ when it is all said, done, and over.

  2. Buffalo:
    Let's just hope the hip on that right side stays good. That will be the only joint that hasn't had to have any work on that side. should see the left side. Ankle, knee and hip is


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