Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day After Sx.

(LOL...I just noticed that on quick glance without glasses, the title looks like "Day After Sex")
Nauseated and vomiting this morning. I don'tJustify Full know if it's the Tylox or the antibiotic that is causing it.

I'm taking a single Tylox and waiting for 1/2 hr to see if I need to take the other one. One to two every 4 hrs if needed for pain and I'm low dosing until I determine what I need. An ice pack is wrapped around my heel and I want to make sure I note this. I truly don't remember icing the knee but I must have as I blogged that I was doing that. It must have been all the pain medication I was taking that has had some things slide right past my memory banks. Hey, that's as good as an excuse as any without having to use that "d" word (dementia).
Family and friends have commented, phoned or emailed and I'm very grateful for the concern. I will feel more comfortable with this procedure as soon as I get to ask the doctor some questions. He spoke with the husband but the husband didn't ask any questions which is to be expected. I especially want to know if he thinks that my problem WAS that spur and what kind of shape the Achilles was in. He told the husband it was close to fracturing....but WHAT was close? The heel or the spur or was he talking about the Achilles? I wish my appointment with him was sooner. I'm impatient that way. I want something to reach out for. Going through surgery I don't mind if it fixes the problem.
I feel as though I'm rambling and if I read this again I might notice repeated material? I don't think I can improve though. I'm blaming it on the Tylox.
It's time to pick that foot up and plop it on some pillows above the heart. When the husband passes through the room and notices I have it on the floor, I get a little lecture. Apparently the doctor DID tell him to make sure I kept it elevated and that is just what I will be doing at the end of this sentence.

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  1. You just keep that leg elevated, Missy!

    I'm surprised the pain doesn't get worse when you put it on the floor.

    And yeah, I thought the title said 'day after sex." : )


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