Monday, March 22, 2010

A Heel Update

Just a short post to do an update on the status of this heel surgery. It's sore and a bit painful. I'm keeping it elevated so that means I'm on the sofa most of the time. When I can't stand it any longer I transfer to the w/ch and cruise around the house. I still get nauseated so I'm trying to stay away from the Tylox. I'm going to switch to Ibuprofen and hope that works. I'm giving myself daily injections of Lovenox into the abdomen every morning and flexing my foot and ankle to prevent clots.

I may even wrap the foot and try to get a shower today. Maybe a shower every 3days will be sufficient? I'll play it by ear...or maybe by nose. Now to find the duck tape and a garbage bag.


  1. Okay. Injections into your own abdomen? Now I'm swaying on my feet.

    How do you do it!!??

    I think the simple carbs were mostly a big help with the antibiotics. I had to take double doses of them for twice as long, apparently I can harbor some tough infection, but man, that stuff was rough on me!

    The only pain meds I was prescribed were percoset, and they weren't too bad on my stomach, certainly if they were, I was beyond caring. They made the sky a lovely shade of rose and seriously made me understand what all the drug addictions are all about.

    Good stuff, percoset.

  2. Ya know, Powder Girl, I was on Percoset, Darvocet and Lortab for two months during my recovery from my knee replacement. Yeah, although I can understand drug addictions to these, I still prefer to have my *hit together and sitting around dudded out is not my idea of a "high"
    I've injected stuff into people for 15years..but I must admit, jabbing myself in the abdomen is a bit different the jabbing SOMEONE ELSE!
    I took your advice on the carbs..and that did help for the one day and the last day I took something for pain. I just quit. The foot just feels ultra sore, no throbbing pain so I can cope with that. I'm taking Ibuprofen. I'll send you the


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