Monday, March 1, 2010


Back in the day and it was way way back, I was new to the world of credit. I decided to build my own credit rating by charging something and making payments. I chose a Sony Triniton TV, small by today's standards, but good enough to make payments on and eventually pay it off thereby building that credit for reference. I've never been really big on putting anything on a charge card and if I do, I pay it completely when the bill arrives. Interest rates are contrived to keep a person indebted to "the man" for the rest of your life so I try to avoid that all all costs. Remember, this was "back in the day".
I made my payments on that Sony. It sat on the counter in my 35ft. travel trailer and when I hooked up to tow away to another town, I placed it on the floor where it rode till our next stop. Except for the time I didn't' see that tree when I was backing that trailer up to park it, the Sony lived without incident. Oh, but that time I didn't see that tree the Sony was sent skittering across the floor and slammed into the bottom cupboards and I thought for sure it was history. A couple of the knobs were crushed and the casing had a few scrapes. I picked it up and set it back on the counter, plugged it in and a crisp clear picture popped onto the screen. The Sony had survived. This television continued to give me good service long after the payment coupons were completed. I was a Sony Trinitron fan.
Years went by and Mitsubishi became the TV of choice and the huge floor model lasted 20 plus years and only left this house when it was replaced by the big screen projection TV which was also a Mitsubishi. That one is 10 years old now and still lighting up my living room.
Shopping for a television now, your choices are the flat screens. Period. The tube TVs are a thing of the past, gone the way of the dinosaurs. Today I went to a pawn shop and found, wait for it...wait for it.......a Sony Trinitron 26 inch tube TV!! Yes, I bought it. I would love to own a dinosaur too, but I'll gratefully settle for a tube TV. I'm preparing for the day when I need to put it in my bedroom. I know that day is approaching and now I'm ready. I figure if it lasts 4 years it will be worth it.

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