Saturday, March 27, 2010

My View on This

Some times a picture tells the whole story and this picture follows that premise. Yep, this is just about what you will see should you stop by to visit. Any hour of the day and until around 2100 hrs where you will find the background scenery changes to the wall in my bedroom.
I have another doctor's appointment next Wednesday. He will remove this dressing and splint and check the wound site for signs of infection, smear some betadine cream on it and re wrap. He may not do X Rays this time which might save me an extra 150.00 for the visit. I doubt that I will be given my "walking papers" which in my case translates to a boot. I'll be off this foot for another 6 weeks after THAT visit and that is almost a week away but it sounds better then 7 weeks right now. I'm not making sense? I can't argue that.
I sit here and think about prison and being locked away. Then I imagine myself not being a conformist type and ending up in solitary confinement. No TV, no windows, no wheelchair to roll from room to room or unable to crutch it to the outside. Wouldn't that cause your brain to go mush like?
Assembly line work was never my cup of tea but I have huge respect for someone that can do it or do what is called "piece work" where you get paid for each piece or pound of work produced. Please, just pull my teeth without Novocaine. I wouldn't hurt worse. To sit for long periods of time has never been one of my talents. I move and I move a lot.
I've decided to weigh in on the date I visit my doctor. I'll do it before I go and one day later. Weigh ins should be done in the morning so I'll do the second weigh in the morning after the visit as I won't be back home till the afternoon on Dr. day. It's totally sad when the only thing that you can plan to do is a weigh in and a shower which is scheduled every two days.
This healthy eating plan is great as long as you have someone preparing the healthy meals and using a lot of creativity. That would be the husband. When he leaves town, I'll be eating Lean Cuisines again but for now I'm enjoying his pleasure in cooking. Tonight he is marinating chicken wings and grilling them along with some rice dish and I'm sure it won't be plain white rice. That would be too easy. He should have been a chef. Not only does he enjoy cooking but when he plates up the food, a picture of it could grace the cover of Bon Apetit.
Just to throw a wrinkle into my daily activities, I might just take a shower. Now, how's that for being spontaneous? I'm not due one till tomorrow.
My foot and I will be watching a lot of CNN, cruising the net and starting a new novel. I must end this now as I have so much to do and so little time (again with the sarcasm).
I'm done.


  1. (sniff, sniff, sniff)

    No, I think you're due one now.

  2. OMG! I just read your comment about not missing smoking after a year and now you're my FAVE.OR.ITE.

    Stupid when people say things like "I quit smoking 937 years ago and I STILL miss it like a lost limb."

    Makes me think I'd better just keep smoking, who wants to go that long missing something? Honestly, those people are just like the women who tell birthing horror stories to young pregnant women.

    Oh, and I was a wee bit nervous to open your page when I saw the title, I thought there'd be gore, but I toughed it out : )

    Go nuts with the spontaneity, you'll feel better for it.

  3. Powder Girl:
    I think I may just be one of the fortunate ones. I don't know if there are a lot of people that miss those smokes after years and years but I do know that I know some and it used to scare me. I would think exactly as you. It's hard enough to quit and now you're telling me that the suffering goes on forever with no end???
    For me..not so. For that first year, occasionally a tickle would waff through my brain lasting but a few seconds then as time when on it only happened ever few days and now into these last months seldom do I think about one and thats even while I'm sitting with smokers! I'm thankful for this. I was a 3 pak a dayer!


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