Thursday, April 1, 2010

Was It The Coffee?

Two cups of coffee yesterday afternoon and my stomach felt as though I had dumped a couple of cups of acid into it. Burning and excessive belching from that pit of fire I usually call my stomach and this from a person that could eat the spiciest of foods and down two to three pots of coffee in one day.

Maybe soaking up some of this acid will work? I baked a small pan of cornbread and when it was crisp on the bottom and browned on the top, I emptied a portion into a bowl, poured some milk over it and carried it to the coffee table in the living room to 'heal the tummy'.
I don't know if it did any good as the remainder of the evening was more burning and belching. The daughter invited me to dinner and wouldn't ya know it, it would be on a night when I felt as though food was poison. Hot rolls, green beans, mac and cheese, baked ribs and a salad was served and just looking at it made my stomach dance.
This morning was an improvement over last evening so I whipped up a little oatmeal and a slice of wheat toast. I'm going to sprawl over the sofa and rest.
A few hours later:

The excitement never stopped for a moment; well, maybe it did while I napped. The daughter and I made a hunter/gatherer trip together. She dropped me off in front of the Walmart store with crutches and I made it to one of those little electric carts, flipped the "on" switch and I was off! It's really sad when driving one of these little carts becomes the key to a certain freedom. I suggested to the daughter that she just leave me to wander around the store in my little cart for a few hours and I could call to tell her when I wanted to go home for my nap.

I spent the afternoon catching up on all the sleep that eluded me last night and now that I've thoroughly got my days and nights switched around, I'll be tossing and turning all night again.

I think I'll go watch the washer rinse and spin now.


  1. LOL, go watch the washer...
    You're funny.

    Its frustrating isn't it? to be hampered or tied down in any way? I spent the last 2 months of my last pregnancy on bed rest and with some pretty bad burns over a large portion of my body. It hurt like hell, I was bored senseless, and I didn't think very many things were funny. I wish I would have had a blog back then : )

  2. Oh, and yeah, it was the coffee. Ever try yogurt for that? Yogurts my go-to food after I've been on antibiotics.
    Just sayin'

  3. ya know....the yogurt....that crossed my mind and then...well..I forgot.
    I'm going for the yogurt now!


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