Saturday, October 31, 2009

Dusk, Not Quite Dark Yet

The goblins, princes and princesses are afoot. I'm sitting here on my front porch with a container of candy and my camera. Daughter came to my house and Carrie had her hair done and tiara placed on her head and was helped into her princess dress. I videoed and shot some pictures, laughing as she posed willingly for me. Carrie is an excellent subject as long as she is in the mood to be photographed. If she suddenly becomes camera shy, which isn't often, she rolls her tongue out, flaps it a few times, covers her face with her hands or ducks out of my sight. I give in and give up but tonight she was ready with her poses.
Years ago when I moved into this house, each Halloween found me on my front porch with my light on and along with most of the other people on this street we handed out candy to the little ones. In the past 5 years many of the porch lights are switched off on this night. I suppose that the homeowners here have their children grown and gone and so have their porch lights.
I still enjoy sitting here seeing the little ones stumble up, many tongue tied and unable to say "trick or treat", their parents enjoying the first year that their child can make this journey.
I stay until my 15.00 of candy is gone then I flip off the porch light and empty the camera memory card and chalk up another Halloween.
Happy Spooky night to everyone. It's now time for my porch light to be doused!

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