Tuesday, October 13, 2009


She telephoned and she sounded frantic. "Hey, what's up?" Breathless she replied, "My computer is down!" "Struck down by the lighting storm last night."

I know that being without the internet is not pleasant but it's really not the end of the world nor is it permanent. I suppose being a little strapped for cash might hinder buying a new computer or having the old one fixed but to have this much emotion over a computer problem seemed a bit dramatic. I didn't understand so I questioned her. Her reply "I use it to do my homework." To this I say "What about the old way of doing homework?" "What about using the computers at the library at the college?"
This did not seem to be a viable option and I couldn't understand why this wouldn't work for her.
It was not until a few months had passed that I finally found out why all this drama about her computer was so catastrophic for her. It was her online affair that she was concerned about. It was that newly found man and being unable to contact him that had her so upset. Unable to connect by stroking the keyboard; unable to check email for a love note had devastated her.
Her online romance was new and in the developmental stage. Having no online access is extremely important in the developmental stage and to not be able to connect might have cooled the whole thing down. She didn't want to admit to what really had her upset about the fried computer. A new one was quickly ordered and love forged ahead.
Thank the powers that be for the internet. It's the swingers haven of the 2000's.

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